Marketing the benefits and activities of your society to your current members and prospects demands a mobile strategy. An event or society app can prove to be a marketing tool to employ. Let us share 5 tips on how to make mobile your channel of choice.

Mobilize your strategy

The first step to take is to review your current marketing strategy and make sure it has the mobile elements needed. With mobile as the new medium of choice, surpassing desktop, print, and TV, you need to jump in. Don’t just dip in a toe by making your website mobile responsive, but fully implement mobile throughout your strategy. No other medium is more direct and literally lands your society in the hands of your marketing prospects.

Mobile mission statement

What’s your mission and how do you translate this to your mobile strategy? When employing mobile marketing tools make sure they honor and benefit your mission statement. With knowledge sharing as a key goal of many societies make sure your mobile marketing tool does just that. Therefore, your event or society app should not only contain the knowledge of your program but facilitate sharing it as well.

Fully use the possibilities of mobile

Mobile is not just a great channel to reach your members and prospects, it offers more. With mobile technologies and in-app features improving daily, your mobile tools – such as event apps – can give access to important content and engage your members and prospects through participation & sharing. Furthermore, they can provide you with important insights through real-time analytics.

Get mobile growth

Your mobile app can serve as a great member revenue and member growth stimulator. So, implement this goal in your mobile marketing strategy and your choice of a mobile marketing tool. An event app for example can be employed to build your mobile community, inform & activate your members, and promote your activities.

Direct messaging & real-time conversation

Two of the roles of societies are that of thought leader and connector. And with both clear communication is key. Mobile offers a very direct communication tool that demands a slightly different approach than classic media. Mobile not only lets you talk to your users but demands them to have the opportunity to talk back to you as well.  Therefore, don’t just tell but converse. Transparency is important and the idea that members have a say reassures them of your efforts to benefit them. Considering changing ethical guidelines in 2018 the message to societies and their sponsors is to move towards a scientific dialogue and mobile is the go-to medium.

Interested in making your marketing strategy mobile? We are happy to assist you.