We are honoured to announce the collaboration of Conference Compass with AC Forum.

Introduction to AC Forum

AC forum is a unique association which brings together not-for-profit, self-managed associations that operate on an international and regional level. It is a community that has come together to share ideas and practices that facilitate leadership and congress management. The non-commercial and confidential environment allows meaningful exchange and the creation of a supportive network. This network and environment is what puts AC Forum on the map as a global leader in innovation and excellence.

Collaboration between Conference Compass and AC Forum 

Conference Compass will provide the AC Forum 2023 Society App, which will also service the 2023 Annual Meeting and the General Assembly. Member engagement and collaboration are central to AC Forum. The Conference Compass event platform has been developed with those exact core values as its foundation.

The AC Forum Society App will be the platform where all members can freely network, arrange physical and virtual meetings, contribute to topical chats and much more. Around the time of the event, users can create their own business cards and look through the profiles of sponsors and speakers, with whom they can also freely interact. During the event, all users will be able to create their personalised program. Education, networking  and enriched dialogue: all in one place.

(Closed Event) AC Forum 2023 Annual Meeting 

Conference Compass will be at the AC Forum 2023 Annual Meeting in Rotterdam on the 20th  of January (closed event). We will have a stall where our representatives will be happy to explain to AC Forum members our mission at Conference Compass: creating a platform that facilitates the building of a community which embraces knowledge exchange and growth.

A great collaboration 

We are delighted to work with AC Forum, as our goals and background are so well aligned. Conference Compass was initially founded to serve associations and to help them realise their goals. We have since expanded to working with many other partners.What has not changed is our mission to create a platform that promotes the fruitful exchange of ideas and the creation of a network that is not only connected, but engaged. We see and recognise the same strive in AC Forum and what they are doing for associations around the world.

Here is to a year of fruitful work together!