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Event App Promotion Made easy - Conference CompassOne of the most asked questions to our Customer Success Managers is: “How can I ensure that my event app will be a success?” Making an event app successful doesn’t only mean offering the right functionalities and features, it is also closely connected to your app promotion. Just providing a great app doesn’t necessarily mean that all your attendees will use it. But what happens if the app promotion becomes another point on your already packed to-do list? Conference Compass wants to make this easy for you with our all-new App Promotion Kit.

Included in the App Promotion Kit:

The App Marketing 101 has a look at different ways to promote your event app. From QR-codes to mock-ups, the guide will break down the most important tools when communicating about your app. Afterwards, you will learn how to put your app in the spotlight before, during, and after your congress. We also included a handy checklist to give you the overview you need.

The last Event App Bible research showed that Push Notifications are one of the most popular event apps features in 2018. But how can you use them effectively? The Push Notification 101 contains useful basic knowledge about push notifications, as well as the dos and don’ts and ideas for more creative usage.

Eager to boost your app promotion? Contact your Customer Success Manager to receive your Marketing Kit or download it below: