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What are the KPIs for your next congress and is your strategy to succeed mobile proof? Societies and associations are looking for more ways to further increase the value of their conferences and events. The use of the right society app is proving to be a great option. Offering value beyond a single event and assisting in the continuous facilitation of knowledge exchange to your members.

Four questions to ask yourself when choosing an event app

The questions asked when considering the use of a conference app have evolved from “Should we use an app?” to “How can we use our app to offer more value all year round?” High-quality apps are constantly evolving, aiming to be beneficial beyond a single event use. Great apps share a goal with the medical societies and scientific associations they service; the facilitation of continuous knowledge sharing.

When choosing a society app, it is, therefore, good to make sure that the following four elements of knowledge sharing are supported by your app as successful knowledge sharing requires.

How is your final program incorporated into your society app?  Does it house all the elements needed at every level? From subjects to sessions, presentations, and abstracts? And does it offer them in an accessible way? Our clients highly value these features but are specifically pleased by the possibility to continue to add content to their mobile platform even after the actual event. The question of whether users of the app can return to find additional webcasts and full papers of the presentations they attended, is a good one to ask yourself as well.

Our clients tell us that one of the great reasons for attending a conference is the opportunity to physically meet with your peers. Does your app facilitate this during, and more importantly, beyond your event? It should give your attendees the option to continue the interaction they experienced at your congress. This through both the exchange of contact information as well as by providing access to topical discussions that continue after the events. Giving them the option to share new ideas and insights with each other.

For many of the societies and associations we work with, the knowledge contribution by industry and event sponsors is an important part of their events. Providing them with the opportunity to share their input and receive quality attention from and interaction with the delegates is proving to be a challenging but important task. Therefore, ask yourself if your conference app features specified sponsorship options at different levels. This is a manner that honors the evolving ethical guidelines for direct and indirect sponsoring.

Your congress app could and perhaps should be considered your organization’s most interactive communication platform. Our customers often experience a challenge in keeping in contact with their delegates after their conferences.  The question to ask therefore is how does your app assist in this? Does your app enable continuous engagement with your members throughout the year and offer contact and promotion options about your other activities and efforts?

Do you want to learn more about how your event app can assist you in sharing knowledge? We are happy to demonstrate the options for free.