At Conference Compass we aim to provide an event platform that allows you to build an active and engaged community. Of course, with any new platform, there is a period of adjustment and guidance necessary. In this article & video, we would like to introduce you to our event support team: who they are and what they do. Clara, chief of the support department, walks us through the team and all its different functionalities.

What is the support team?

The support team is there to help our clients host a successful event from start to finish. There are two teams: project coordinators and event support.

Project coordinators

Project coordinators are with our clients from the moment a contract is signed to the very end of the planned event. Thus, they ensure that everything is set up as agreed and that all goes to plan before, during, and after the event. Some of their main responsibilities are:

  • Check that the platform has the right content
  • Ensure everything works smoothly
  • Help the client with training
  • Supervise the event planning timeline
  • Set up necessary goals and tasks necessary for the implementation of the platform into the event

Event support team

During the event itself, organisers, speakers, and attendees can receive help from the event support team. Depending on the event, the support team can be online or on-site.

There are several different roles:

  • Supervisor – in constant contact with the client and oversees everything the event support team does. Makes sure everything runs smoothly and resolves any major issues as quickly as possible.
  • Technical support – a member from the technical support team is there before and during the session. And thirty minutes before the session, they will make sure everything is set up well, and all presenters are up to date and prepared for the session.
  • Attendee support – a member of our technical support team is ready to answer any questions the attendees might have regarding the web app or the mobile app. So attendees will receive a response within seconds!

The main goal is to ensure the client, speakers, and attendees get the most out of the event platform. The support team knows the platform very well, meaning that they can advise at all times, answer any questions and supervise that everything runs smoothly on a technical level. If something is not properly working, this team knows how to fix it right away!

What are the main benefits of event support?

  • Worry-free experience for speakers and attendees
  • No waiting time for receiving help: support is provided immediately, on the spot
  • A team that knows the ins and outs of the platform
  • A team that works on many events and is prepared for any situation
  • Constant contact between the project coordinators, event support team, and the client: issues and concerns are immediately addressed and resolved, and everybody is on the same page

When planning your next event, we can advise you on the best level of platform support! So make sure to contact us and get an even more detailed run-down of our services and offers.