Showing how to network during hybrid events

The main benefits of attending in-person events are sharing knowledge and ideas, doing business, and networking. Arguably the most important one is networking, as it is instrumental in doing business and often results from knowledge sharing. 

So how do you successfully network at events? Or, actually, how do you successfully network at hybrid events? In this video, part of our hybrid series, our founder and CEO shares strategies on planning for a future of hybrid events.

He says, and we agree, that the key to networking is to build a strong personal connection. At a hybrid event, we can easily imagine this to go well for those attending in person. But how about the online attendees? Let’s again implement our Hybrid Event Matrix here. We need to consider all quadrants: networking between two attendees on-site, online, and the cross-over where one attendee joins the event on-site and the other one online.

Our CEO also mentions that establishing a strong personal connection over a distance requires video. And so we can help you out! Our #OneCommunity Event Platform has native live streaming built into its core and offers an amazing way for attendees to create as many video meetings as they wish. See more in this video!

We believe that hybrid events are the future of our industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized demo!