Floq Product Vision 2024 Jelmer

Going into 2024, we are filled with anticipation. Last year marked the announcement and launch of Floq: the culmination of 13 years of working in the world of events. Every year, we get together to discuss what our product vision is for the coming year: what we want to achieve and what our clients need.  Floq is an event platform, meticulously designed in order to create the best experience for organizers and attendees alike.

Our goal with Floq was to create a platform that fosters innovation and creativity, which lie at the heart of all the events power. Recognizing the significance of human connection and collaboration in turning ideas into reality, we enter 2024 with a clear vision of how Floq can facilitate this transformation.

In a recent video, our CEO and Founder, Jelmer van Ast, shares the product vision for the upcoming year. We’re introducing new features and the comprehensive revamp of our CRM. So, what’s on the horizon?

  • AI-powered live transcription
  • A revamped mobile app home menu
  • An exhibitor dashboard (check out this and more features out in our brochure!)
  • Multi-language app support
  • Attendee matchmaking

To delve deeper into the 2024 product vision  and catch a preview of the features in action, watch the video. We cannot wait to continue to empower events, participants and organizers in this exciting new year!