Push notifications have become one of the most successful strategies for capturing and keeping app user attention. In fact, 44% of phone users have slept with their cell phones by their side so they didn’t miss a notification, signaling that they are open and ready to receive the right kind of messages¹. Your attendees are just the same: They are looking for a more engaging event experience and concrete reasons to interact with your app. Push notifications present a great way to keep attendees in the know with the most up-to-date information and can even help to generate revenue! Do you need some engaging notification ideas that go beyond the usual?  We prepared a list of clever ways to use the push notification feature of your event app.

Welcome your attendees

Greet your attendees and remind them when and where your event will kick off. This is a great moment to give them last-minute arrival information: Link the notification to instructions about where they can collect their badge or directions to the venue.

  • Welcome, everyone! The kick-off reception will begin at 9:30 AM in the main hall.

Programme changes

Informing your attendees about changes in the programme is important and there is no better way to do it that by push notifications. Limit the number of updates to the important ones, like room changes or canceled sessions.

  • The Expert Brief location has changed to Room Hawaii! Check the maps section to find your way there. See you soon!

Sponsored Messages

Sponsors like to be seen and heard. Offer them exclusive spots for sponsored notifications. Make sure to only offer this feature to a few, premium sponsors and spread the messages out during the day. 1-5 sponsored notifications are a great amount. Your sponsors can advertise their sessions in the satellite symposia or drive more delegates to their booth. Sponsored push notifications should be tagged as such in the full message.

  • Be one of the first to try the new Society App. Stop by the Conference Compass booth (#11) to try it out.

A special offer

Let your marketing department take advantage of the intimate connection to your attendees. Send out a special deal to register for the next event or let attendees of your conference become a member of your organisation for a discounted fee.

  • Not a member yet? Sign up today at stand 20 and get 50% off your annual membership fee!

Post-event survey

Once your event is finished, you can continue sending push notifications to keep users engaged. From announcing your next event and its registration dates to reminding attendees to complete your post-event survey.

  • We’d love to hear your thoughts on your experience. Tell us in the post-event survey.

New events

Our Society App allows organisers or associations to add all their events and year-round activities. Let your users know once a new event is added to the app by sending them a push notification. They can then download the event and have a sneak-peak at the programme and other information about your next event.

Are you eager to send your own push notifications? To write a successful message, you need content that is compelling, helpful, and targeted within the right context and with a short character count. Using our push notification 101, you’ll be able to create notifications that do just that!

Do you have further questions or are you interested in your own event app with a push notification feature?