At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, a large number of in-person events were canceled or postponed. The latest news of the Omicron variant forced event planners to once again change their plans and predictions for the upcoming year. This only goes to show that we cannot predict the outcome of the pandemic and the uncertainties it causes.

Nevertheless, this should not be seen as discouraging news. At Conference Compass we believe that there is one key principle that event planners must consider for the events to come: the need for adaptability. We would like to share the tips we have for event organizers as they prepare for this year’s events, and which event solutions Conference Compass offers to help them be more adaptable.

The importance of adaptability in the event industry 

This year especially, ‘adaptability’ is an important word when planning an event. Organizers have a strong desire to plan in-person events. Yet, we need to consider the risks involved with in-person events, such as a lockdown at the venue location and speakers or attendees not being able to travel due to restrictions. These scenarios are not unlikely and event planners need to expect them and know how to manage them. Being prepared will be key for this decade.


How do the Conference Compass event products offer a solution that is adaptable? 

Our event solutions are agile. When the pandemic started there was a pivot to virtual: a sudden change from what we were all used to. As an organizer, you don’t want these pivots anymore. Being prepared and adaptable to any situation that comes your way is essential and the Conference Compass tech products offer exactly that.

Here are our Three Success Strategies for Adaptability that can be achieved by using our products.

  1. Let speakers pre-record their presentation

    Our online platform offers the opportunity for speakers to record their presentations. The platform automatically saves the pre-recording and allows you to make it available for on-demand viewing, or streaming during the live session. This way, all scheduled content can be in one place and published when you desire. Accommodating any last-minute changes or pivots to virtual becomes easy. Simultaneously, you will build an on-demand content library that increases the impact and engagement of your event. Overall, pre-recordings are an incredible adaptable platform feature that does not require expensive on-site A/V recording equipment.

  2. Let attendees and speakers who can’t travel, join online

    Our web app platform offers a number of advantages for attendees and speakers, especially if they are not able to join on-site. Attendees can access keynote live streams and on-demand presentations through the platform. The platform and mobile app allow attendees to schedule networking meetings with anybody present at your event, online and on-site, ensuring that they are not missing out on any aspect of the event.

    If a speaker is not able to present live on-site, there no longer needs to be a gap or a major adjustment in the program. The pre-recordings that all speakers have submitted can be played at any point during the event. The platform also allows speakers to join online and they can stream live into the room at your event site. A simple solution to an age-old issue in the event industry.

  3. Guarantee exhibitor visibility: on-site and online

    Our products can ensure maximum visibility for exhibitors. Having both an on-site and online exhibitor booth means that the exposure of sponsors can be doubled. Attendees who cannot access the physical location of the event can engage online. If the exhibitor is not able to join on-site, they will still be able to do so through the platform. Finally, the mobile and virtual event platform provides the opportunity for exhibitors to form touchpoints with attendees before and after the event. This way they can achieve a significantly prolonged engagement period.

What the last two years of the pandemic have taught us

Although the last two years have been an undeniably hard time for the events industry, there have been many valuable lessons that we learned along the way. We believe that the three biggest ones are:

  1. Presenting online works. There was a big learning curve that many speakers had to overcome at the beginning of the pandemic, but it is now seen as a positive experience.
  2. Human interaction is simply impossible to recreate online. People are desperate to meet in person again. No online cooking masterclass or goodie bag can substitute a social event where people sit down and talk to each other, face-to-face.
  3. Adaptability is key. Regardless of the format of your event, you should have a solution for any situation that might occur. Our platform can help you achieve that.

So really, we have discovered the superpowers of virtual and rediscovered the superpowers of personal interaction. Tech products are in no way a substitute for in-person interaction. They are, though, necessary and can ensure that an event is adaptable. Anything can happen, but as an event planner, you will now be prepared.

Our product offers various solutions to different situations that may arise during your event. Do you want to know more? Get in touch and subscribe to our newsletter.