It’s finally here – The Conference Compass Web App! After months of hard work, our developers now present you with our latest feature and a new way for attendees to experience your event app: Anytime, on any device!
The Web App makes it possible to access your event app not only on Android and Apple iOS devices but also on laptops and desktop computers. Now, you can work seamlessly: Plan your conference attendance ahead from your laptop, stay informed and connected during the event with your smartphone, and follow up on your notes or review posters after the event from your laptop again.

To better explain the features and functionalities of the Web App, we are going to have a closer look at our first Web App for Europerio9, the world’s leading congress in periodontology. Later in this article, you will find a link to test the Web App yourself.

After you enter the web address of your app, your browser might take a moment to preload the app data. This will allow you to browse through the app without any waiting times later on – And even when you are in an area with poor or no connectivity. When the app is loaded, you can see an overview of the Web App on the left. On top of the menu, you will be asked to log into your Eureka account. Once logged in, you will keep your session, speaker, or exhibitor favorites, and notes in sync across all your devices!

From the menu, you can visit:

The scientific and industry program

We have redesigned the event program overview you know and love from our apps to shine on every browser! The program is organized as a timeline and can be filtered by session types, tracks, or via the search function above. You can also only display the sessions that you have previously added to your personal program. The industry program is separated from the scientific program to comply with ethical guidelines, but offers the same great features and search functions!

Tracks, types & highlights

Quickly find the sessions that interest you most by browsing through the different tracks or session types that your event has to offer. Additionally, different tracks are color-coded to be easily recognized within the program.

Posters and abstracts

The Web App lets your posters and abstracts shine! As in our mobile apps, you can include images, tables, and more design options in your text. The Web App has additional features like hyperlinks, that refer to additional resources and content, or the ability to view the abstracts comfortably on all screen sizes

Exhibitors and sponsor profiles

Make some room for your exhibitors and sponsors and put them in the spotlight! In this section, you can find the profiles of exhibitors, sponsors & co. Next to an info text and pictures, the profiles can also include a link to the exhibitor’s website (which can be visited within the Web App) and a link that immediately forwards to the exhibitor’s booth location on the floorplan.

Floor plan

No one will get lost with again this fully searchable plan that is divided by floors.

Of course, the above version of the Web App was created to meet the needs of the EuroPerio9. Your Web App will be tailored to perfectly match your event and can be customized to your needs, from layouts and designs to filters and categories.

Starting today, the Web App is available for all our apps. Are you interested to learn more or would you like to upgrade your existing app? Then contact us for a free, personalized Web App demonstration or to ask us your questions!

Visit the EuroPerio9 Web App here.