With IBTM World right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on trade shows: why we attend and why we value them so much. As an event technology provider, we know that our event platform Floq is not just a product you buy and forget about. An event platform that services your event is a commitment. For it to work, we need to forge a connection between your team and ours. This is how we ensure the success of our platform and your event.

We are not just there to sell

In fact, that is not even our top priority when we are at a trade show. We go there to have a conversation and share information that we cannot simply showcase on our website, or even write an article about. Trade shows are a platform that allow us to meet event professional. Where we talk to them about the value of event technology and where Conference Compass fits in all that. The conversation about harnessing the power of technology goes beyond sales pitches and product demos. And we want everybody to be involved in it. This is also why we attend these events as part of MESA. This is a community that brings together event professionals in a pursuit of sharing ideas and forming new paths to event success – we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

We’re not afraid to say it: face to face is better.

Even as an event tech company, we don’t want to shy away from this statement. We designed our platform to maximize the potential of any event, whether it is virtual or in-person. However, we know that the best connections we know are made in person. At a trade show, we have an opportunity to meet buyers who are ready to share their story. Then, we determine if this is a story that we can service. Our platform is a cumulative product of all the different clients, their needs and requests that we have had through the years. In an earnest conversation, face to face, we can tell whether we could address the buyer’s requirements and how exactly we would do that.

Conference Compass team at trade-show

Throwback to the team at IBTM 2021

Not just names on an Excel sheet

We don’t attend trade shows in order to create a long list of contacts that we send out a mass email to. We are a small company, which means that we create and maintain valuable connections. At such events we not only meet new people, but we reconnect with industry partners, clients of ours and even our competitors. We value all of these relationships and the possibility to exchange ideas and simply catch up. It’s not just about business – it’s also about the community that we build within the events industry.

Looking forward to IBTM World

We’re so excited to come back to IBTM World for yet another great edition of our favorite event. We will be a part of the MESA Stand at A30. We cannot wait to meet all the new faces, connect with old friends, and continue our journey of collaboration and innovation in the world of event technology. See you there!

Marlen will be there this year as well!