It’s easy to see what the value of a conference app is for your organization and your attendees. You get a better way to interact with your attendees and they get a better way to interact with your conference. But what’s it in for your sponsors? Quite a bit.

Better Sponsorship Opportunities

Forget bags and pens, with our apps you can let your sponsors have their own page within the app. They can include their logo, links to their website and social media channels, and even include their products. Rather than giving away pens that get lost or flyers that get thrown out, your sponsors’ information will remain in the app after the event is over. Anytime an attendee checks their information in the app, they will see your sponsors’ logo.

Improved Interaction

With sponsor pages, you can direct web traffic right to your sponsors’ websites. That can include contact details such as email addresses and social media channels so attendees can contact them directly with questions about their products and services. If your sponsors are giving talks or workshops during your conference, attendees can even use the app to ask them questions directly.

Increased Attendance For Events

Are your sponsors offering talks or workshops at your event? Help them increase their event attendance, and thus their exposure. You can highlight their presentations within the app with a notification that their events are starting.