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We are kicking off the new year of 2022 with an extensive list of optimizations to our mobile and web app platforms. Throughout the previous year, we listened to our customers’ feedback and suggestions and made sure to implement them in the new updates. They are delivered in the most familiar and accessible way.

So, what’s new?  

Redesigned hosted sessions – The new layout uses the available space on the screen more effectively. For example, the participants are now shown larger if there are no documents uploaded. You can now upload a PDF from the bottom toolbar, instead of from the slides frame only. With the improved zoom controls for the poster PDFs, zooming in on details is now possible and made very easy.

Redesigned voting – Our voting feature has been completely redesigned. The modal to add a question has been updated. An entirely new feature is that you can now add an image to illustrate the question! It is now possible to choose to set a different timer for each question, allowing the audience more time to think when needed. The display of the results to live attendees is improved and much clearer. This is also reflected in the session recordings.

Poster rooms – Just like for the programme items, you can now link a virtual room to posters. You can invite moderators, speakers, and hosts the way you are used to. A perfect feature for on-demand sessions!

New features

Business card – The design of the email that you receive when attendees drop their business cards has been improved. The information is now displayed much clearer.

New features
Q&A for speakers – The Q&A feature is now also available through the speaker dashboard allowing speakers to see incoming questions and approve them.

Video quality – The video streams from slides, cameras, and uploaded videos are now optimized so that they use minimal bandwidth while still looking good.

New features
Improved PDF upload – PDF slides that are uploaded now fit full width for all sizes and resolutions.

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