Ask feature

We are bringing new updates* to one of our favourite tools: The Eureka Ask feature. We like this tool so much because it gives the audience the opportunity to take part in a presentation and to raise their questions, but in a way that keeps you in control. To make the experience for the attendees and you as the organiser even better, we now let app users know whenever there are new questions, so they don’t have to leave the Ask screen. Furthermore, all questions- and like-updates are now happening in real-time, so you won’t miss anything. 

Eureka Ask allows your attendees to ask questions through the app during sessions and presentations. The feature is available in all our event apps and is easy to use, even if you are not tech-savvy.

Here’s how it works:

During the Kick-Off Meeting with your personal Customer Success Manager, you decide if and for which sessions Ask should be enabled. Your Customer Success Manager then goes ahead and activates the feature for you. Through your content management system, you can now invite moderators for different sessions. This allows them to manage the Ask feature later on. We encourage you to train all your moderators before your event to make sure that they feel comfortable and know their way around Eureka.

During the conference, the moderators can then activate the Ask feature at the right moment.

When activated, attendees are able to click the question button in the session’s action bar within the app. This opens a page where the user enters his or her question and sends it to the podium. Here, all users can decide whether they want their questions to be sent under their name or anonymously. You can also share a link with your attendees where they are able to submit their questions from the web. The questions then arrive at the moderator, who can:

  • Make questions visible to the audience
  • Choose the main question that is displayed on the top
  • Change the order of the listed questions
  • Delete irrelevant questions
Ask feature

Moderator view

Ask feature

Presentation mode

Attendees have the possibility to like questions in their app by tapping the heart icon next to it. This helps the moderator to decide which answers and topics the audience is interested in. Once the Q&A session is over or you collected enough questions, the Ask feature can be closed. Once closed, attendees are not able to see & like questions anymore, but they are still available to the moderator.

If you are interested to use interactive features like Ask at your next conference, feel free to contact us and explore the possibilities of our apps. To make sure that your Q&A session is a success, we also recommend you to read this article with tips from our Head of Customer Success Management Clara.