event app supplier

Choosing the right mobile event app is a crucial step in an organization’s timeline. An app provides a clear overview of the event program. Beyond that, it is also an engagement tool: allowing attendees to become active community members. We share with you five questions to consider when choosing your next event app supplier.

  1. What is the main goal of your event app?

    Asking yourself – “Why do I need a mobile event app?” is the first step in making the right app choice. Remember that an event app can be an invaluable tool not just for your attendees. Exhibitors, speakers, and organizers can all benefit from an event app. Clearly defined expectations will allow you to find the best-fitted features.

  2. Is the application cross-platform?

    A cross-platform application means that the app is accessible from mobile and desktop devices. A desktop device provides flexibility for the user and can offer an enhanced experience for some features. Users will prefer a bigger screen when viewing videos and presentations and participating in one-to-one calls.


  3. Does it allow for continuous event engagement and community building?

    Using a mobile app to engage and interact is second nature for anybody with a phone. Social media, news apps, podcasts, and much more: are all social engagement platforms that users navigate very well. An event app should be no different. Although it is a pragmatic tool, it should also allow for connection building and audience engagement.

  4. Does the event app offer a good user experience?

    People from all different backgrounds and technological competencies attend events. When choosing an event app, make sure that it is easy to navigate and does not require a lot of effort to use. The design should be intuitive, clear, and accessible for all.

  5. What features are you looking for in your event app?

    It is vital for the program to be well-integrated into the event app, but there are other features that you should consider as well. Viewing parallel sessions, abstract support, push notifications and direct messaging, Q&A, event analytics, sponsor features, etc. Check which features different suppliers offer and what you would value the most. Are all of these features already included in the app price? Or do they need to be added for an additional cost?

In Conclusion

It is hard to keep track of the number of options available on the market. So, most importantly, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what an event app can offer! And which features you and your audience would benefit from the most. Consider community building, providing service, and a user-friendly interface with your next event app supplier.

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