audience engagement

Achieving a memorable and engaging experience for the audience is key for organizers. On the other hand, it can be hard to approach as a concrete goal. The long list of logistical tasks related to planning an event leaves little room for setting such goals. At Conference Compass, we create concrete solutions that tackle even this seemingly abstract concept. An event platform offers the best way to methodically stimulate audience engagement and aid in creating an active community.

Can an event platform help engage your audience?

Our experience has taught us that people highly value the content and connectivity that an event can provide. Although we cannot create the content and make the connections, we provide a platform that helps you achieve this effortlessly. We share six ways you can use it to build an engaged and proactive audience.

  1. Begin engagement in the time leading up to the event

    The weeks leading up to the event are crucial for creating an active community. Invite attendees to explore the event platform and download its dedicated mobile app. Prompt them to look at the program and save sessions that they find interesting, creating a personalized schedule. This way attendees will come prepared for your event and will not hesitate to interact with and explore their environment.

  2. The mobile app is your direct connection to attendees

    In 2022, everybody owns a smartphone through which all matters are conducted. Therefore, when attendees download the mobile app for your event, you can connect with them at any point. Prompts, surveys, changes in the program, etc. can be easily communicated with push notifications, ensuring that people are up to date and aware of your event. A unique opportunity with limitless options.

  3. Promote gamification early on!

    The friendly competition that gamification introduces, is a great way to create a stimulating and memorable experience for attendees. With our platform, it is effortless to set up leaderboards, badges, and a point system that will encourage guests to interact with their environment and become proactive.

    audience engagement

  4. The importance of live polling

    Live polling is one of the most effective tools that you can use to engage your audience, whether it is on-site or online. Our platform allows everybody to participate in the poll, in real-time. It makes the individual’s opinion important, while also creating a sense of community. The poll prompts each person to reflect on their own and then engage with the opinion of everybody else.

  5. Pre-recorded presentations and live streaming for online audiences

    The pandemic has set the important precedent that physical attendance is simply not always possible and that alternative options exist. For attendees who cannot join on-site, our platform offers endless possibilities for meaningful engagement with your event. For example, they can watch pre-recorded presentations and live streams, set up networking meetings, and participate in round-table discussions: all from the comfort of their own home!

  6. Networking connections are easier than ever

    One of the main benefits that an event offers is the potential for networking. As an event organizer, you should provide the best opportunities for your guests to network. Our platform’s features, such as scheduling one-on-one meetings, personal chat, attendee lists, virtual business cards, and many more, offer the best possible way to create meaningful connections and build a community.

In conclusion?

There are a lot of steps necessary to ensure that you have created an engaged community rather than a passive audience at your event. As an organizer, you have to create an environment for your attendees in which they can be proactive. By setting this as a goal early on and working towards it before, during, and after your event, you can provide a memorable and meaningful experience. Our platform’s main goal is to help you achieve this level of engagement and shared sense of community.

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