7 Reasons Why an Event App

In 2022, there is no denying that our phones are essential items in our daily lives. They keep us connected to the rest of the world and are a source of information and entertainment. They are a vital organizational tool, both in our personal and work spheres. At this point, users expect a tailored application for their every need, and an app for your event is no exception! An event app goes far beyond substituting the program book. Whether your event is live, hybrid, or entirely virtual, an event app is a key to creating an interactive and engaging experience for all. In this article, we reveal 7 reasons why such an application is a must-have for your upcoming event.

Build your community

You can create a well-connected network when everybody in attendance at your event has the app downloaded on their device. By using features such as interactive sessions, news updates, engaging publications, and gamification, you can transform this network of attendees into a community. The app and its notifications feature are your keys to developing this sense of community before, during, and after your event.

Streamlined interaction

An event app opens up the possibility for endless channels of communication and interaction. As an event planner, you can send any message or update to everybody’s device, making sure that attendees and speakers alike are always up-to-date. Users can access the entire event schedule and also create their own personal agenda. With customizable reminders and synced notifications across all devices, no presentation or networking opportunity will be missed.

7 Reasons Why an Event App

No more print

Any event planner knows that printed media poses a series of challenges. Creating a comprehensive overview of a complex event is increasingly harder to accomplish, especially if they have a virtual or hybrid structure. There is no way to update the print if there is any program change. With an increasing demand for meeting sustainability requirements, printing out new books every time there is a change in the event or the schedule is not a reasonable option anymore. And in the time of the pandemic, this happens more than planners would like to. The app allows any change to be updated immediately and notifies the attendees.

Increase sponsors revenue

For sponsors, your event is a way of gaining exposure to a specific target group. An event app offers a new and more direct channel for sponsors to reach that target audience. This can be done over an extended period, as the app can be installed and used before, during, and after the event.

7 Reasons Why an Event App

Planning made it easy for attendees

Creating a customizable program has never been easier for attendees. They can easily navigate what they are interested in, where and when a session starts, and how to get there. Whether the session is virtual or in-person, no exhibitor booth or networking meeting is missed, as the app will remind the attendees on time. All multimedia resources such as presentation slides, videos, and speaker bios are accessible in just a few clicks. The ease of the process creates an immersive and highly-enjoyable experience for all.

Real-time event analytics

Only an application can provide event organizers with real-time data. Analytics are essential for making adjustments to the event. The collected app data allows these adjustments to happen already during the event, not just after. This improves the event experience and ROI.

7 Reasons Why an Event App

Keep up with attendee demands

The pandemic brought many changes. But as it has become the new normal, an expectation for adaptability and flexibility has been set. The virtual and hybrid format of events incentivizes organizers to create an experience that fosters community-building, engagement, and networking at the same time. The event app can make all of this and so much more possible.

Event applications have undeniably an event industry standard. At Conference Compass, we believe it is essential for organizers to understand what an event app can do. Also, how they can use it to further enhance the experience of event participants.

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2015 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.