event gamification

Creating a memorable and engaging event is one of the main objectives for event planners. Keeping attendees’ interest can be challenging with the shift to virtual and hybrid event formats. Therefore, virtual event platforms and mobile apps are integrated into the structure of an event. They offer a whole range of tools that can improve the user experience. A key feature that these applications offer is gamification.

Gamification incorporates features and mechanics of a “game” into the event experience. Create a fun environment (even if it’s virtual!) by introducing elements such as a leaderboard, a point system, and badges. The friendly competition is a great reason for increased event engagement of attendees. The collective effort to attain certain goals and win objectives can help event organizers achieve a targeted sense of community. The customizable achievements and rewards system allows you, as an event planner, to select which attendee behaviors you would like to encourage the most. Finally, sponsors can achieve desired visibility by placing their brand on gamification features such as exhibitor-related achievements and prize offers.

Overall, it is vital that you, as an organizer, define what experience you wish the attendees to have. The Conference Compass Virtual Event Platform and Mobile App offer six different categories of achievements.

  1. Analytical: relating to the amount of content the user has viewed and the time spent on the platform
  2. Engagement: relating to how much the user interacts during the sessions (questions, chat, etc)
  3. Social: relating to the user networking and engaging socially
  4. Expert: these achievements are related to attending specific sessions (what sessions would you, as an organizer, want to be attended the most?)
  5. Hidden: specifically tailored achievements for the most eager users
  6. Milestones: gained when the user has completed all achievements within the aforementioned categories

The most important goal is to prioritize what you want to achieve by implementing gamification in your event. Is networking an essential activity you want attendees to undertake? Would you want a high level of engagement with certain sessions? Certain exhibitor booths? Would you want the gamification features to be a good platform for visibility for your sponsors? Considering these questions will ensure a focused application of the gamification features. They need to benefit you best as an organizer!

Overall, gamification is a must-have at any event. It is a great way to engage your audience, create a fun and stimulating environment and ensure that your event is memorable and meaningful. The benefits for the attendees are countless. As an event organizer, you gain access to data collection opportunities and lead information.

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