The interactive mobile app feature of chat, or Eureka Talk as we call it, is mostly seen as a great network tool for your delegates, but it can be so much more. By employing it on the different levels of your conference it can turn out to be the professional knowledge-sharing tool of choice.

Before diving into the chat functionality of your app it is important to note that much of its benefit is based on the professional profiles that lie underneath and its access to relevant content. Therefore, make sure you use an app that is backed by a platform that allows users to upload their professional profile and interests and offers access to content such as abstracts. In general chat options in conference and society apps can be divided into private sessions and group sessions are also known as topical discussions.

5 tips to get more interactive on your mobile app

1. Let them search but make sure you are found easily
The private chat option should let participants search for and get into contact with peers or presenters with matching fields of interest or research. But, as everyone is different, make sure you include the option to let participants show if they are available for a private chat or not. As a congress organizer though it is a great idea to actively show you are available, offering your delegates the option to contact you for questions and feedback.

2. Put your presenters and industry sponsors on display
Not just your organization should be easy to contact but your speakers and sponsors as well. You can increase their value by letting delegates exchange views with them beyond their presentation or session.

3. Facilitate chat on multiple conference levels
In general, conferences include a program with multiple levels ranging from plenary sessions to topical sessions and from thematic presentations to poster presentations. Apply the option for a topical chat to all of these. Post what the chat is about and link to the relevant materials such as abstracts and posters. In turn, make sure that people who are in a topical chat have the option to easily start a private conversation with another chat member as well.

4. Let your specialists join in on the conversation
For every event the input from specialists is important. You can use group talk to engage your audience by inviting your delegates to join, for example, by using push messages. Your presenters or sponsors can do so as well. Let presenters announce that they are available in the topical chat after a session

5. Alerts and overview
No conversation without chatters. Use the different alert options of your app to highlight the different topical sessions. You can use push messages but it is great to offer an in-app overview of the available group chats as well. Apart from topical chats organized by you as an organizer, allow or invite your delegates to start their own group chat as well.

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