A conference is all about connection and information exchange. The chat function of our event platform allows everybody participating in a conference to do exactly that. Whether it is a private chat or a session chat, delegates can use it as a professional knowledge-sharing tool with great opportunities.

📢 “I’m open to talk!”

The private chat option allows delegates to seek out contact. They can speak to presenters or other participants that have matching fields of interest or research. As an event organizer, it is also important that delegates are able to contact you: for questions, feedback or anything else that they might want to share. Overall, this creates a very welcoming environment. The first step of establishing a connection is as easy as a click of a button–the chat button!

📌 Put your presenters and industry sponsors on display

It is very important to make sure that speakers and sponsors are aware of the chat function and advised to use it. This way, an event’s value immediately increases, for interaction with a speaker is no longer limited to just the session a participant is attending.

📊 Facilitate chat on multiple conference levels

In general, conferences include a program with multiple levels:  plenary sessions, topical presentations and poster rooms. You can apply a topical chat to all of them. Post what the chat is about and link to the relevant materials such as abstracts and posters. In turn, make sure that people who are in a topical chat have the option to easily start a private conversation with another chat member as well. This way, you facilitate many different interactions.

✅ In conclusion

Overall, the chat function is something that is easy to overlook. As an organizer, it is important to remind everybody that this is something that has great potential when used. During a busy event, there is often very little time to set aside for one-on-one meetings. That doesn’t mean that communication should not be established! The chat is a way to reach out and exchange information and ideas at a pace that suits everybody and can fit in a busy schedule.


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