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“How do I get the best event sponsors”?  It’s a daunting question to ask and the process of figuring out the answer is even more complex. You need sponsors to raise funds, to ascribe credibility, provide you with publicity and other free or discounted resources. They are an integral part of any event. Today we share with you how you can use our event platform to attract sponsors.

But first: What do sponsors want?

To attract sponsors, you need to understand what they require from an event.

  1. Visibility – exposure is the main goal for most brands. You need to provide as many options for visibility as possible.
  2. Interaction – visibility goes a long way, but effective lead generation happens when exhibitors and sponsors are given the opportunity to interact with the audience.
  3. Thought leadership – companies will often sponsor events, especially association conferences, in order to have a platform in which they can share their vision and plans.
  4. Product demonstration – most brands want to sell their product. Having a platform to do that is essential.
  5. Networking – one-on-one interaction is incredibly important. Brands want to create partnerships, exchange ideas and extend their network. An event is the best place to do that.

With all this in mind, we have developed our event platform to accommodate for all of these wants and needs of a sponsor. Whether it is a feature specifically designed for sponsors themselves, or opportunities for visibility and interaction – our event platform has it all.

Sponsor booths

Whether your event is on-site, hybrid or entirely virtual, a sponsor booth is where interaction between attendees and sponsors happens in the most effortless way. Attendees can chat with brand representatives, schedule one-on-one meetings, drop their business cards and go through all the resources that the exhibitor has provided. All in one place.

Visibility Opportunities

Our platform provides many different “places” in the app where sponsors can have show their branding. Additionally, they can have their own custom tile on the landing page of the event, which refers attendees to pages in and out of the app. Sponsored live sessions can have subtle, but effective banners. When a session is sponsored, the brand logo is presented in the programme. Overall, there are many more options, which we list in our sponsor brochure, which you should go download and learn the ins and outs of sponsorship on our event platform.

Unique interactions

Attract sponsors by offering unique ways of interaction with the audience. Gamification features are a fun way to engage with attendees and interact with the brand. Sponsored push notifications (we many resources on this!)  are a very effective way to reach many people. Finally, encourage sponsors to host moderated sessions where attendees can discuss relevant topics. Brands can share their perspective and contribution to the field and engage in meaningful conversation.

Keep your sponsors with analytics

The best way to attract sponsors and keep them for your next event is by showing them the numbers. Our platform lets you download all necessary analytics that will provide insights into attendee engagement. Prove the effectiveness of brand exposure on our app!

In conclusion

Attracting sponsors for your event is a long, but necessary process. We have developed our event platform so that it makes this step significantly easier for event organisers. We have also compiled a Sponsor Guide (also available underneath this article) where you can read in detail all the different opportunities that exist for sponsorship on our platform.

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