With increasingly stricter sponsorship guidelines for events, medical and scientific associations are looking for new ways to offer their event sponsors the visibility they seek. Yet, visibility alone is not enough anymore: How can you enable your sponsors to interact with the attendees in an ethical manner, fostering qualitative engagements, and knowledge exchange?

How can a congress app be of assistance?

For most societies and event organizers, their sponsors represent an important budget source for their conferences and educational events. But aside from budget, remember that your sponsors also bring expertise and innovation to your conference. The challenge is to bring these two together, in a way that moves away from plain advertising and towards knowledge exchange. Here’s how your conference app can help:

Present your sponsors right

First of all the obvious: In-app industry pages. Quality event apps come with rich sponsor profile pages that include slideshows, contact information, and links that lead to sponsored sessions and abstracts. The profile can (and should) not only be used to advertise the sponsor but also share their insights and resources, e.g. by including white papers and posters.

Give an overview of sponsored sessions

Given last year’s changes in ethical regulations, the inclusion of sponsor information in the scientific program is no longer accepted. Does that mean the industry does not have valuable insights to share? No! Your app should have the option to include a second, parallel program with sponsored sessions, presentations, and abstracts.

Open the conversation

There are different in-app options that open the doors to a rich, scientific dialogue between your sponsors and attendees. One of these options is interactive features. Sponsors are experts in their field and are happy to connect with like-minded professionals to exchange and share their knowledge: To start the conversation, simply encourage speakers of sponsored sessions to use the Ask-a-question feature or to start a conversation in a topical discussion.

Show the app value

By including in-app promotion in your sponsor packages, you not only increase the sponsor’s visibility but you will also be able to show them the outcome of their investment after the event. The CMS of our Event and Society Apps offers you the possibility to download analytics and reports with valuable insights into the attendees’ engagement with the sponsors’ profiles, banners, or sessions. In just a few pages, they see how the app drove measurable exposure. Through concrete numbers, you are able to bring sponsors back year after year.

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