For event organizers and societies, the investment in an event app can appear to be a budget challenge. But unlike some event investments, an event app can actually save and make money. Our Sales manager Sjoerd zooms in on 5 money makers.

1. Happy trees, happy wallet

The first money-saving feature of an event app is clearly the most obvious one: digitalize your print media. From your event program to your abstract book and posters, your app can incorporate them all. Next to the obvious savings in printing and editing costs, the digital library and program of your event app are flexible as well. This makes last-minute changes in your program a piece of cake and sticky notes history.

2. Save time, save money

Is there a last-minute change in rooms? With a couple of simple clicks in your event app’s CMS and the use of a push notification, your would-be problem is solved in minutes. Just thinking about how to handle this situation involving staff to print posters and hostesses in the room to inform delegates, takes longer. Aside from saving time during your event an event app helps you in the preparations of your event as well, especially if your app is connected to your event software through an automated data channel. Scheduling adjustments, content uploads to your program, and efficiency is your event app’s second name.

3. Surveys made easy

The importance of feedback is undeniable but the execution of surveys still gives plenty of event organizers goosebumps. An event app makes life easy. Forget paper waste, frustrated hostesses, annoyed delegates, and lost pencils. In-app survey integrations and functionalities such as rate, Q&A, and Vote offer great saving options for people, paper, and pencils.

4. Efficient staffing

Next to the savings in staff for surveys, an event app can assist in making other staff demanding services more efficient as well. By implementing or connecting your registration software to your event app, your registration process can become much more fluent and less time-consuming.

5. Digital promotion

A considerable amount of the event budget is usually spent on signage, banners, and posters. A costly investment, especially since most of the materials are not reusable. Next to digital signage options, an event app offers multiple in-app branding and banner possibilities that are not only cost-effective and dynamic but also offer a very direct branding and promotion channel that literally sits in the hands of the people you are trying to reach.

Budget-saving options aside, your event app can actually prove to be a great revenue source as well. With multiple sponsor options, your app can evolve from a money saver into a money maker. Read more on this here.

Want to discover more money-saving features? We are happy to demonstrate them to you.