We have talked a lot about the importance of an event app for any event, no matter how big or small. An event app is an essential tool that bridges the gap between the organisation and the attendees. It contributes to engagement, clear communication and an easier event experience. App structure is key if you want to achieve these goals with your event app. In this video, Natali shares with you 5 tips on how to work on your event app structure in order to have the best experience.

  1. Analyse your information: what do you want to convey and what are your users looking for.
  2. Structure your information pages, but don’t overload users with data.
  3. Use logical links
  4. Define pathways: use categories such as session topics or tracks.
  5. Use navigation items: visual cues such as icons and colours create an intuitive and easy experience.

Our event platform offers you with a white-label solution. This means that your app structure is easy to customise, so that it works best for you. Create a platform that reflects your branding and is familiar to your attendees. This platform can be a year-round solution and be the source of information and exchange for all users.

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