There is no point in denying it: as we are entering the last months of 2022, the financial climate is not in its best state. It’s hard to look past fast-rising inflation, soaring energy prices and the uncertainty that comes with such changes. However, we choose to see this as yet another challenge that we can adapt to. At Conference Compass, we provide you with an event engagement platform that will help you maximise your event budget and cut certain unnecessary costs.

Here is how we will help you achieve that ➡️

🖨 Cut printing costs

There is an endless list of materials that can be printed for an event: the programme, the abstract book, floor plans, business card: it goes on. Printing costs are rising, just like all other costs. The fix? Don’t print! All of these materials are easily accessible from our platform. Additionally, if there is any update or change that you need to make, you can now do this with a click of a button. No more confused attendees following an outdated schedule.

 🎥 AV streaming service is not needed! Let speakers pre-record themselves.

An AV streaming service is a lovely addition to any event, no doubt. However, it is an entirely unnecessary cost. Presenters can pre-record themselves through our platform and that can be shared live with on-site and online audiences. This makes your event not only more budget friendly, but also adaptable in any unplanned situation (a topic we love discussing). As a result, you can have an on-demand library of all presentations, available for access after your event.

📲 Attract sponsors with sponsored app features.

Securing sponsors for your event is the best way to maximise your budget. Many of our app features are designed to provide opportunities for sponsors: sleek banners, prizes won from gamification, a fully customisable virtual booth. Assuring sponsors that there are many ways of promotion at your event will guarantee their commitment to your event.

✈️ Travel is expensive! Let speakers join live, online.

As great as it is to have all speakers on-site, sometimes that is very complicated to arrange. Not to mention the associated price that comes with that. Cut travel and accommodation costs for your speakers by letting them join live, but through our virtual platform. The on-site audience will still be able to send in their questions, interact in the chat and give their vote, if needed. Engagement and convenience with a click of a button!

📆 Year-round engagement means less marketing effort

Creating the right marketing campaigns to target your audience costs a lot of time, effort and money. With our event app, you can reach your entire audience with a simple push notification. Invite them to your next event, keep them updated about your organization, ask them to fill in a survey. It’s easy and effective and we have a lot of recommendations on how to get the most out of push notifications.

Whether the financial state of the world is in its best or worst state, it is always good to be efficient with our budget. Maximising it and cutting unnecessary costs will make your event more efficient and effective. An event app is an initial investment with incredible return. To learn about the many more ways in which our platform can elevate your event, book a demo and subscribe to our newsletter for more insights.