Onsite support goes far beyond simply offering help to attendees. Having somebody from our team on the ground means that you have an app ambassador as well as support staff. This increases app visibility which in turn leads to better attendee engagement and higher app usage.

🎯 We are there to connect with attendees

An app support stand is the single most effective (and easy) way to increase app visibility. On-site support staff is there to promote the app to attendees, answer their questions, and provide assistance in case of technical issues. They will showcase the app’s features, highlight its benefits, and encourage attendees to use it actively. Face-to-face engagement is key in such a setting and will always gain far better results than any email or flyer will achieve. Of course important to note is that your CSM will always be there during the planning phase to help you out with app promotion strategies and event strategy.

Our CSMs Xavier and Carola doing on-site support for an event in Copenhagen

🎯 Better app engagement = higher ROI

When attendees are aware of the app and how it works, they are more likely to use it to plan their schedules, connect with other attendees, and engage with event content. This directly contributes to higher ROI and is an extra way to assure sponsors of the benefits of in-app visibility and the promise that the platform offers.

🎯 Onsite support is not just for attendees

Finally, we should not forget the benefit of on-site support for you, as organisers. The nature of an event is that there will always be a last minute adjustment that needs to be made, a small problem that needs to be taken care of. On-site support will be there to broadcast sessions together with your AV-team, to ensure the smooth running of live voting sessions and even create a new release in Floq Studio if needed.

In conclusion ➡️

Especially in the first years of the event, onsite support is a key way to make the most out of the platform. There is a learning curve for both you as an organiser and the attendees and the presence of a helping hand may offer a lot more than meets the eye. Always remember that your CSM is there to explain all the fine details and procedures, no matter what choice you make!


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