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EuroHand 2017
XXII. FESSH Congress & XII. EFSHT Congress

21 – 24 June 2017 | Budapest, Hungary

This triennial FESSH-EFSHT combined congress is organised in collaboration with the European Federation for Societies of Hand Surgery and The Hungarian Society of Hand Surgery. The therapists’ program is divided into two parts – a separate therapists’ program and a combined program with FESSH. The therapists’ program consists of keynote lectures, focus sessions and workshops to provide you with both theoretical knowledge and clinical perspectives in several topics. The main theme of the FESSH-EFSHT combined sessions will be Evidence Based hand surgery and hand therapy, where clinically relevant topics will be viewed and discussed from the current evidence point of view.

You will have the opportunity to choose your preferred topics from the concurrent programs, and with the chance of mixing both lectures and workshops, this will provide an interesting and versatile entity for therapists from different backgrounds and work settings. The extended FESSH-EFSHT combined sessions will provide the participants with interesting scientific lectures and the opportunity to deepen the collaboration and understanding between surgeons and therapists.