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ISF World Seed Congress 2016

15 – 18 May 2016Punta del Este, Uruguay

The natural way forward in business & life is the event slogan and theme to inspire communication and activities during the ISF World Seed Congress 2016 in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Nature is an essential part of Uruguay’s identity. The country landscape features mostly rolling plains and low hill ranges with a fertile lowland carved with a complex network of rivers and streams. Pure water, national parks, diverse and abundant flora and a pleasant climate pattern which is temperate and uniform. The Atlantic coastline with dunes, lagoons and perfect surf and fishing.

Uruguayans are liberal, relaxed and friendly people who enjoy stability, security and quality of living. They delight in showing their homeland, passions and traditions.

Land, people, soul, spirit, traditions, food, it’s all about nature!

Nature is all here! Uruguay is where something natural happens every day!