Event app planning in motion

Before you know it, summer is over, the last quarter of the year is almost here and planning for the end of the year and for the start of 2024 is now in full swing. Whether you’re organizing a corporate gathering, a seasonal gala, or a yearly conference, taking the right steps now can set the stage for a seamless and successful event. One of the best ways to take that first step: finding the right event app.

Why Choose an Event App as Your First Step?

As you populate your event platform you construct the foundation of your event and lay the groundwork to establish and strengthen your community well in advance. This means that you not only build the event infrastructure but also develop a comprehensive marketing plan and content strategy—crucial steps in bringing your event idea to life and effectively communicating with your audience.

Here’s why selecting an event app should be your priority:

1. Streamlined Planning:

Event apps offer various features, from detailed program schedules and content management to seamless integrations and floor plans. These tools streamline your planning process, making it easier to create, manage, and update event details.

2. Community Building:

An event app allows you to create a hub for your event. It is a centralized platform for attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors to connect and engage. Your platform can effectively exist and operate successfully long before your event, providing you with the time to work on community building and engagement. By the time the event comes up, you can have a proactive audience that will get the most out of their experience.

3. Timely Communication:

With an event app, you can keep your audience informed and engaged by sending updates, announcements, and important information directly to their devices. Timely communication ensures that attendees are well-prepared and know what to expect.

4. Data and Analytics:

Stay ahead of the curve and make the data work for you: your event platform can provide you with insights and analytics into the behaviour of your audience, already before the event. Based on the data, you can identify problem areas that need to be resolved and improved.

The Event App Checklist: What to Look For

Now that you understand the importance of an event app, it’s crucial to know what to look for when choosing the right one. Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself:

For you as an organiser

✅ Is there a dedicated customer success manager that is well acquainted with the event, the community and its needs. Will they be able to help you set up the platform and teach you to operate it?
✅ Is the platform and its appearance fully customizable, in order to align with your organization’s branding and identity?
✅ Is it easy to upload and manage content, such as presentations, documents, and multimedia files?
✅ Does the app integrate with other tools and platforms you use, such as registration systems and CMS?
✅ Are there comprehensive, real-time data analytics and trends that can be evaluated and retrieved at any point before, during and after the event?
✅ Can the app accommodate events of various sizes, or multiple ones throughout the year?

For your audience

✅ Does the app support a detailed program with customizable schedules, session information, and speaker profiles?
✅ Can you create interactive floor plans to help attendees navigate physical event spaces?
✅ Are there built-in networking features such as attendee profiles, messaging, and virtual meeting scheduling?
✅ Can attendees interact through chat rooms, discussion forums, or live polls and Q&A sessions?
✅ Does the app provide a user-friendly on-demand video library to house event content for post-event access?
✅ Are there accessibility features available, to ensure the inclusivity of all members of your audience?
✅ Can you implement gamification features that will boost engagement and participation?

Elevate Your Event with Our Event Platform

We believe that an event platform is not just an additional piece of technology, but a structural building block that ensures the success of your event and the strength of your community. With this in mind, our team has developed our white-label event platform, Floq. Floq ticks all the boxes and ensures the best experience for our clients and their audience. We work with you every step of the way, and to ensure that you get the most out of our event platform.

As you gear up for the last quarter of the year, remember the importance of choosing the right event app. Take this opportunity to elevate your event planning and create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.