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The sun is shining, the grass is green and every next day of these months is another day closer to vacation time. Summer is a great time for personal relaxation and time away from work, however it’s also a very quiet and slightly dreaded time for event organisers. All of the momentum built around the excitement of a coming event or one that has just passed, can easily fizzle out in the months of July and August. This is why our team has developed several strategies for event organisers, where they can use our event platform Floq as a catalyst for stimulating attendee engagement during the summer slump.

Grab an ice tea and learn what your next steps should be ➡️

Quick roundtable sessions with awards 👩‍💻

Most people are not ready to give away a big portion of their time to an event or presentation. However, you can incentivise them to participate in something active and engaging, such as a roundtable discussion. Organise short and focused sessions on topics that are relevant during the summer months: preparation for the fourth quarter, fulfilling the goals for the end of the goal or even fun, but useful activities to do in the summer. Promote the sessions by offering awards for participation to attendees. This way, people remain connected and continue to exchange ideas and learn throughout the summer months.

Vacation Snapshots posted on the social wall 🏖️📸

The social wall function is one of the best ways to create a virtual community. Attendees can share moments of their summer vacations, post photos and experiences from their travels. Use platform gamification so that people can be compelled to do so. If you encourage people to share more personal insights, they are more likely to form stronger bonds which will then translate into successful professional connections.

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Workation Sessions for Professionals 🤝📈

Not everybody takes time off in the summer. Dedicate a “workation” session to those who stay behind and work throughout the hotter months in the year. Host workshops on the platform where people can form plans for responding to industry trends, solve problems that have not been resolved from the previous quarter or even work on leadership skills. This way you are making sure to engage your entire attendee demographic, resulting in a stimulated and excited audience when everybody is back.

Exclusive Summer Promotions 🤩

Create exclusive promotions or discounts for future events, available only during the summer months. Offer early bird registration or special perks for attendees who register or engage with the event platform during this period. This encourages attendees to stay connected and invested in upcoming events, even as they enjoy their summer activities. Everybody loves presents and they will be well regarded during the summer months.

In Conclusion ➡️

While the summer slump may present challenges for event organisers, leveraging the capabilities of event platforms can be a game-changer. Roundtable sessions, social walls, “workations” and exclusive promotions: all can keep you and your attendees busy, but not drained throughout the summer months. Make the best of this time period by setting up your event platform and using it for the best results.

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