We are excited to introduce you to CC Assist, our how-to video series on the Conference Compass Support Pages and Conference Compass Youtube Channel. The videos will dive deeper into Eureka, as well as our content management system, and enable you to better navigate and set-up your own app. We will walk you through the processes of different app features and teach you a wide variety of app building techniques. Learn everything you need to know, on-demand, and from the comfort of your office.

Are you confused by the session moderation? Or want to explain to your speakers how to create a poll for their presentation? You can use CC Assist to educate yourself on the how-tos of our apps or send them to your event support staff.

New video: How to moderate Eureka Vote

This video is all about the voting features of our apps. Learn how to access your Eureka account, get your questions ready before your session and run successful live voting.

New video: How to moderate Eureka Ask

If you want to gain an understanding of the Eureka Ask feature, you are right here. You will learn how to prepare your Ask session and moderate the questions during your session.