As a specialized app developer for medical and scientific events, Conference Compass has created a customizable app solution that addresses the specific challenges and needs of national and international associations. With the Event App, associations can now move from a single event app and beyond a multi-event app by connecting events, journals & year-round activities on one mobile platform.

Conference Compass Society app dedicated app for associations

One-stop mobile portal

Mobile is leading and the need to build and activate a mobile community is evident. The new Event App lets associations build, reach, and activate their mobile community before, during, and beyond their events. The app enables associations to reach out to their mobile members 365 days a year and functions as a central communication channel for all activities by showcasing the most important social assets, such as journals and courses.

Digital library

As knowledge sharing is of key importance to medical and scientific societies, the Event App is designed to both save and share content, hosting thousands of abstracts even after an event ends. The content is searchable and societies can continuously add content, such as full papers or presentations as well. This makes the Event App a digital library for its members.

Scientific Dialogue

One of the specific challenges of medical societies is the 2018 change in ethical guidelines for event sponsorship. This asks for alternative opportunities to retain sponsor revenue by offering them the interaction they deserve. The Event App offers multiple options that facilitate the scientific dialogue that industry sponsors are looking for in a manner that is no longer limited by time and space.

Making bright people brighter

CEO and founder of Conference Compass, Jelmer van Ast, is aiming to make a difference in the world of association events: “With the new Event App, we aim to further empower associations and their members. By using a dedicated mobile app platform that answers their specific needs, we assist them in sharing their knowledge and improving their skills, regardless of time and place.”

The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) is one of the key clients of Conference Compass and was one of the first to employ the new Society App. Daniël Waigl, Executive Director of CIRSE appreciates the innovative character of the Society App: “We appreciate the long-term cooperation we have with Conference Compass. Especially their ambition and drive to provide us with innovative technology, while keeping things simple and easy to use for our members and congress delegates. The CIRSE Society App is a great asset and fits nicely into our overall communication strategy.

The Event App comes with great service and support and offers multiple customizable options in order to make it work for every society’s specific needs. Together with their clients Conference Compass aims to make bright people brighter.

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